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Hexagonal Shank Triangle Drill Set

Hexagonal Shank Triangle Drill Set

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  • Extended cross triangle drill, precise drilling, wear-resistant, high-speed steel material.

  • High-quality material selection, round handle diameter, strong and wear-resistant, and smooth chip removal

  • Suitable for punching of various materials, wood, soft gold, bowl, beeswax, PVC, plastic.

  • Alloy material, using high-quality metal, taking into account durability and wear resistance.

  • Chip flute The surface of the chip flute is finely polished, and the surface is smooth and flat. Quick chip removal and smoother.


  • Material: Alloy

  • Color: Black

  • Cutting diameter (mm): 3/4/5/6/8/10/12

  • Diameter of shank (mm): 6.35

  • Length of chip pocket (mm): 45/54/66/70/70

  • Total length (mm): 85-120

  • Useful length (mm): 45-70

  • Tool handle type: hexagonal handle

Package Includes: 1 Set Hexagonal Shank Triangle Drills (7 PCs)

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