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Made in Germany🎉🎉🛠️🛠️Electric drill to reciprocating saw adapter

Made in Germany🎉🎉🛠️🛠️Electric drill to reciprocating saw adapter

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🛠️ The electric drill turns directly into a chainsaw! 🛠️

⚡⚡ Can saw any metal and wood, very convenient! Strong and durable, suitable for all types of power drills.


  • ✔️✔️ 【Upgrade Saw Drill Attachment】: Our drill saw blade attachment is equipped with 15 saw blades in 3 different specifications. Ideal for cutting wood, metal and even meat. Turn your cordless drill into a cordless reciprocating saw.

  • ✔️✔️ 【Suitable for All Kinds of Drill Bits】: Our small saw bit accessories are suitable for all kinds of drill bits, turning an electric drill into an electric saw. A machine with multiple functions for fast cutting. It can be used directly for power drills, electric drills, impact drills and cordless drills.

  • ✔️✔️ 【Extended Handle】: The auxiliary handle is ergonomically designed for full comfort when working, suitable for cutting wood and metal.

  • ✔️✔️ 【Durable and Stable】: The base of the saber saw is made of ultra-high quality materials and is designed for long-term durability, stability and wear resistance. The saber saw is lightweight, easy to use and can be sawn by both men and women.


  • Material: plastic + iron

  • Weight: 500g(Classic guide wheel positioning adapter )/520g(Upgrade the dual bearing positioning adapter)

  • Colour: black( both) / blue(Upgrade the dual bearing positioning adapter )

  • Size: 9.4*15.5cm

  • Shaft Diameter: 7mm


  • 1 * Classic guide wheel positioning adapter+3/9/15saw blades

  • 1 * Upgrade the dual bearing positioning adapter+3/9/15saw blades


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