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Antibacterial Standable Double-sided Chopping Board

Antibacterial Standable Double-sided Chopping Board

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  • Upgraded double-sided healthy chopping board ---- According to a survey, hundreds of thousands of people get sick every year because of dirty stuff in kitchen utensils. You and your family are experiencing a war without smoke every day!
  • PE Round Reversable Cutting Board ---- The cutting board is made of linear PE material. Good toughness. Rigidity. It also has good resistance to heat/cold cracking, impact strength and other properties.


  • Stand-able Double-sided Chopping Board ---- High toughness | No cracking | No deformation. Plastic chopping boards and wooden chopping boards can become after use, which can easily lead to Hygiene issue.
  • Nonslip Surface ---- Melon chopping. vegetables cutting easytousesmall grid on the surface, aesthetic and non-slip. Seamless and water absorption, no water seepage.
  • Wipe And Clean ---- no crumbs when cutting. No matter what kind of ingredients cutting,A light wipe makes it as clean as new. No residue

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