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Angle Grinder Stand for 45° bevel cutting

Angle Grinder Stand for 45° bevel cutting

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Product introduction

Tired of struggling with uneven edges and imperfect bevels in your marble projects? Say goodbye to uneven edges and hello to smooth, professional-looking tile joints with this beveler. The device provides a stable platform for angle grinders, eliminating the shaking and instability that can occur with manual use.


PRECISE BEVEL CUT: Our stand provides accurate 45° bevel cuts every time, giving your workpieces a polished and professional finish.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Made of high-quality material, the tripod is resistant to corrosion and deformation, ensuring durability and stability during operation, for precise and consistent cuts.

ADJUSTABLE DEPTH OF CUT: Easily adjust the depth of cut to accommodate different tile thicknesses, allowing versatile use on a variety of tile materials.

SECURE CLAMPING SYSTEM: The tripod is equipped with a secure clamping system that holds the angle grinder firmly in place, providing stability and reducing vibration during operation.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Fits standard Φ115/Φ125 angle grinders, providing versatility and convenience for a wide range of users.


Material: Metal

Bevel angle: 45°

Compatibility: Fits standard Φ115/Φ125 angle grinders


1 * Angle Grinder Stand for 45° Chamfer Cutting


Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment when cutting.


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